Over 1 billion monthly in their private European Lyoness shopping community. Get the Lyoness Cashback Card. Not a credit card. Registration is free. If you are not shopping for cash then why shop. See your cashback shopping rewards turn into sizable residual income from your own gas and grocery purchases, fitness center memberships to restaurant dinning and shoe shopping.
      Big merchants are doing business with Lyoness. Many goods and services merchants that we spend money with everyday have already joined Lyoness and you will be surprised at who they are. You should join too. If you have a business (non-profit/for-profit), our team can assist you  in creating a customer loyalty program. This will grant your access to over 2.8 million online and local Lyoness shoppers. Lyoness is the largest shopping community in the world. Lyoness members receive cashback with every purchase of goods and services. See the list below.  
  • Grocery & Department Stores
  • Dine or Eat-out at local Restaurants
  • Home or Auto Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance
  • Auto Gas or Fuel Purchases (individual/ commercial)  
  • Airlines Travel/ Hotel Stays, and Auto Rentals & Purchases
  • Sporting Goods/ Smoke Shops
  • Book Clubs/ Personal Instructors/ Flower Shops
  • Specialty Services: Dental, Message, Chiropractor, Counseling,  
  • all signed up with Lyoness to get more cashback, more customers 
See theVideo www.lyoness.com  Click on "Why join" the Lyoness Shopping Community"
We can't believe how real it is. It's Great! 

Please get back with your recommender if further details are required.

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